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Bruce Geisert -- Filmography

For all productions, whether as a Grip, DP or Camera Operator, I offer a range of skills as part of the project team.  Film is a collaborative process that requires experience in a variety of skills, and the ability to work with a creative group to bring a project to completion. 
In addition to the technical skills I bring, I also have extensive experience organizing project activities to deliver on schedule, managing production crews, and preparing budgets for productions.
Whether the project is a feature Hollywood film, an independent short, or an industrial training video, I bring the same commitment to quality of production.

Director of Photography
  • Swarm of the Snakehead, Feature length, I-Productions, Dir. Joel Denning, 16mm film;
  • Dead Giveaway, Feature length, Detroit Film Yard, Dir. David Stern, DVCAM;
  • Clubs, 55min., State-Side Productions, Dir. Bob Walters, BetaSP;
  • Urban Ghost, 35min., Sophie Studios, Dir. Terry Michael King, BetaSP

Gaffer/Director of Lighting

  • Fried Satori, 45min., Kelly Productions, Dir. Astrid Dick, Anamorphic 24p DV;
  • ABC Business Now, 1/2 hr., Syndicated business show, DVCAM;
  • Hearts, 45 min., State-Side Productions, Dir. Bob Walters, BetaSP;
  • Caught on Tape, 35min., Split Pillow Productions, Dir. Jason Stephens, 8mm film, DV, BetaSP, VHS;
  • McMurty's Angel, 15min., Split Pillow Productions, Dir. Jason Stephens, DV;
  • Play Date, 45min., Angel Productions, Temple Univ. Project, Super 16;
  • Menopause, 2 hr., Canadian Broadcast Corp.,Sony HD;


  • The Stalker, 15min., Rappahannock Productions, Dir. Bruce Geisert, BetaSP;
  • The Jeep, 5min., Rappahannock Productions, Dir. Bruce Geisert, BetaSP
  • Hazelgreen Half Hour, 30min., Hazelgreen Production, TV Studio Dir. Bruce Geisert, 15 shows;
  • Earth Focus, 1 hr, Pinol Productions, TV Dir. Bruce Geisert, 6 shows;

For more information contact: Bruce Geisert (
5721 N 11th St. #7 * Arlington, VA * 22205
Home: 703.538.6361 * Cell: 703.568.6361 * Cabin: 540.937.3651